Delivering for the West Midlands

Whilst I fully believe in respecting the 2016 referendum result and delivering an orderly Brexit, I also firmly believe it is my duty to continue to deliver for the West Midlands whilst we are still a member of the EU.

Since the referendum I have continued to work to help constituents and businesses in the West Midlands and taken a full and active part in shaping EU legislation, much of which is of critical importance to the UK, and will still impact us whichever form of Brexit takes place – we will still sell and buy in Europe whatever happens.

You can see an overview of my activity here:

You can find a comparison of my work to other MEPs here, where I am currently ranked the second most active member in the UK:


In total I have led for the Conservatives on nearly 70 pieces of legislation, these are some of the most important for UK citizens and businesses:


Dieselgate Clean-up

Following the Volkswagen Scandal I was appointed to lead on redrafting EU legislation on car testing and market surveillance – essentially ensuring the cars on our roads are safe and meet emissions requirements. Millions of UK drivers were mis-sold vehicles claiming greater fuel efficiency than they ever achieved. I was determined to help stop that happening again by introducing much stricter rules on the testing process, but also to ensure the new rules were reasonable and did not make life impossible for West Midlands car manufacturers.


Road Safety Improvements

I led for the Conservatives on new road safety rules for vehicles, securing an earlier entry date for new requirements to eliminate truck blind spots, the cause of many cyclist and pedestrian deaths on our streets.


Protecting UK motorsports

I led for the Conservatives on revised EU motor insurance rules, and my amendments to avoid compulsory collision insurance for motorsports events were adopted. In practice this requirement would have ended amateur motorsports in the UK, as insurance would have been impossible or far too expensive for most to afford.


Tackling terrorist content online 

In 2019 I led for the European Parliament on new anti-terror laws, designed to get terrorist content offline quicker, a key priority for the UK’s anti-radicalisation efforts, I secured backing in the parliament for illegal content to be taken down within one hour of a removal order being sent by a national authority, whilst ensuring safeguards for freedom of speech.


Exposing foreign criminals hidden convictions

I led for the European Parliament on revised rules to the criminal records system in Europe, which allows police to check for convictions of suspected criminals. I successfully, despite much opposition in the European Parliament, closed a loophole which allowed criminals with more than one nationality to hide their convictions.


Boosting consumer rights

I led for the European Parliament on revised consumer rights rules in Europe, whatever our future relationship, these rules will provide important protections to UK consumers shopping in the EU. Changes I secured include new rules on tackling fake and dangerous goods and misleading adverts, new transparency requirements for price comparison and booking sites and, critically, a protection of consumers right to withdraw from contracts.


Protecting UK antiques sector from red tape 

New EU rules on the import of antiques aimed at terrorist financing posed a major headache for the British art sector, the largest in Europe, working closely with the UK government and antiques experts, leading on it for the Conservatives I managed to win important improvements that stopped innocent dealers being caught up unnecessarily in a bureaucratic nightmare that would have made it harder for law enforcement authorities to track genuinely illegal imports.