Dan speaks on giving consumers more rights when booking holidays online

Yesterday Dan spoke on the travel package debate where the Parliament voted to support giving consumers more rights when booking holidays online.

The current EU rules on package holidays date back to 1990. Since then, the growth in cheap flights and internet sales has significantly changed the way travellers plan and buy holidays.

The updated directive would clarify the rules to take account of new buyer behaviour and broaden the definition of package holidays to encompass most types of travel arrangements made up of various elements, so as to protect holidaymakers in the event of problems.

In 2011, online travel sales accounted for around 35% of all travel bookings. In March 2013 alone, nearly 183 million citizens visited an on-line travel website.

Daniel said:

"The last time the package travel rules were updated was in 1990, before the internet started transforming every industry. This will allow click through holidays to have the same protections as those holidays brought through high street travel agents.  If an operator goes bankrupt or a natural disaster occurs, people will not be stranded just because they booked online. These protections are not just good for consumers but also for the travel industry as it will give more people certainty to book in the first place. It is fit for the digital age."