A typical day in the European Parliament

The British Chamber of Commerce Belgium recently asked me to blog on what a typical day in the European Parliament looks like, whilst there's no such thing really, here's what comes close to a normal working day in Brussels for me:


New rules allowing EU citizens with subscriptions for online music, games, films and TV shows to access this content while traveling to another EU country have been welcomed by local MEP Daniel Dalton.

Daniel reappointed to key single market role

Daniel has been reappointed by his fellow MEPs as lead negotiator for Conservative MEPs political group on the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee.

Why doesn’t the Commission get digital?

In 2014 the European Commission launched its vision of a digital single market,(DSM) this was sold as a bold new era of embracing technological change and making Europe the global innovation hub, bringing a raft of analogue-era legislation into the 21st century.