Brexit Briefing: Brexit and the Leadership Question

The aim of the brexit briefings has always been to give an impartial analysis of the state of the Brexit process. However, this last update before my mandate ends takes a slightly different approach to usual.

Brexit Briefing No.85: WAB and the next Commission President

Whilst Europe focuses on elections to the European Parliament taking place on Thursday in the UK and staggered over the following days across the rest of the continent, the government in Westminster presented a highly contentious final draft of its withdrawal agreement bill.

Brexit Briefing No.84: The Long Parliament

On Tuesday this parliamentary session had its 300th sitting day, making it the longest parliament since the Civil War, although it still has some way to go to match the 13 years of the long parliament.

Brexit Briefing No.81: An Easter Pax Before The Tempest

After a whirlwind few months, the Brexit waters were becalmed this week. The House of Commons broke up for recess while MEPs across Europe are preparing to hit the campaign trail ahead of the European elections.

Brexit Briefing 79: Groundhog Days

Every week for the past two months we have been waiting and expecting the decisive breakthrough. The expectation has been, week after week, that finally the hard choices would be taken and that the ultimate path of Brexit would become clear.

Brexit Briefing 78: Charting a new path?

For the last two years, this was due to be the week when the UK left the European Union. As such, the fact that the British Parliament was still voting to indicate what that departure should look like was extraordinary in its own right.