European News

Dan secures priority for cyclist safety measures

Strasbourg, 16th April - Two important changes to new vehicle safety regulations, secured by West Midlands MEP Dan Dalton, will help cut cyclist deaths and safeguard Britain's niche car manufacturers.

Tory MEP slams Spain over Gibraltar stance

A European Parliament vote today (April 4) calling for a "solution" to the sovereignty of Gibraltar undermines the EU's position as a defender of democracy, self-determination and human rights. 

MEPs agree to close criminal records loophole

An agreement that will close a loophole currently hampering the fight against cross border crime and terrorism has been approved today in the European Parliament.

Dan heads off threat to UK motorsport from EU insurance rules

A threat to UK motorsport was headed off today after MEPs backed a Conservative call to amend an overhaul of the EU's motor insurance rules.

The vote means that motorsport will be exempt from a directive detailing which vehicles must be insured, and in what circumstances.