Promoting Free Trade

Promoting trade is at the heart of my mission as an MEP for the West Midlands, the manufacturing heartland of the UK.

We are a trading nation to our core, and once we leave the EU we can continue to lead in pushing for greater global free trade, enabling successful British businesses to practice commerce across the globe.

Conservative MEPs are consistently the strongest voices in the European Parliament in support of new free trade deals, many of which will help form the basis for future UK trade deals with EU trade partners. We must scrutinise these agreements carefully to ensure they provide a good deal for Britain, but our starting point should always be what can this deal achieve, not how can we limit it to the minimum possible scope. 

As an MEP, if we can negotiate good agreements that can help post-Brexit Britain, I want to see a new comprehensive transatlantic free trade area, with deals reached with the USA as well as those agreed with Canada and Mexico. The economic potential of this vast free market area to drive growth and set global standards cannot be understated. 

I also want to see us trading more with the emerging giant economies of the future, West Midlands businesses are already experiencing enormous success in the likes of China, India and Brazil, and with new free trade deals and subsequent deeper access into these vast growing consumer markets our region can prosper even more. 

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