Help Save the Link

Please help us to #SaveTheLink by tweeting and sharing on facebook our above campaign video, otherwise soon we won't be able to share content like this.

In September 2016 the European Commission unveiled proposals to change EU copyright laws in a way which will fundamentally undermine the freedom to post or to view links to news articles on social media sites. 

I've joined forces with other young MEPs from across Europe to oppose these plans and try to create awareness amongst European young people that the internet as they know it us under threat.

The proposal to create a new copyright for news publishers would mean anyone wanting to post a link to a news article without arranging a copyright agreement with the news publisher first would be at risk of breaking the law.


no google news


This would completely undermine the way the internet works and would likely mean that new aggregator sites like google news will have to close down.

Facebook & Twitter would be forced to block links to news articles or news sites.

It would mean that far less content would be available online and it wouldn't help news companies, who will see far less traffic directed to these sites. 

no fbno twitter

Even though the UK will leave the EU, there are important reasons why we need to oppose these changes, firstly it is likely that the new rules would come into force before we left the EU, secondly, any kind of agreement with the EU in future would likely cover copyright. In addition, if passed, these these new rules may well form the basis of future global agreements on copyright.